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Instantly satisfying whole grain 
bread wrapped around delicious 
gooey savory fillings!


Imagine a soft, warm whole grain bread shell surrounding four different savory fillings that can be hot and ready to eat in just 1 minute.  Now imagine them gloriously gluten-free.  Introducing Glutenfreeda’s new Pocket Sandwiches!

We’ve done it again, if we do say so ourselves!  Four amazing pocket sandwiches that you have to taste to believe!  There is literally nothing like them on the market, these are the first and the only gluten-free Pocket Sandwiches in existence!  And we made them just for you.

Once you try one it’ll take you several minutes to comprehend the fact that the bread really is gluten-free, but trust us, it is.  Our new sandwiches are made with all natural ingredients, are non-GMO, all meats are nitrate-free, have no hormones and no anti-biotics.  And as always they are Glutenfreeda certified to less than 5ppm gluten.  Can a Pocket Sandwich be good for you?  You bet it can.

Great for kids, great for lunch, great for after school snacks.  Great to eat anytime!

I want to know more!

This Ain’t No Hot Pocket!

Our gluten-free Pocket Sandwiches may look like a hot pocket but that’s as far as it goes.  Our Pocket Sandwiches are made from the highest quality ingredients, no exceptions.  Let’s start with the bread.  From the very first bite, you’ll be amazed that this really is gluten-free bread, but it is.  A soft bread pocket surrounds each of our savory fillings with whole grain goodness made from ancient grains and the healthy benefits of flax seeds.  

Goodness Outside and Goodness Inside
Our sandwich fillings are made with all natural ingredients including cheeses, meat and chicken that are also free from anti-biotics and hormones.  The ham and bacon in our Bacon & Egg and Ham and Cheese sandwiches are nitrate-free.  All of our Pocket Sandwiches are non-GMO. 

Why go to so much effort and expense to procure the best ingredients available?  To be able to offer you the best Pocket Sandwich on the planet that not only tastes amazing, but that you can also feel good about eating.

4 Ways to Love your Sandwich

Have a love affair with your sandwich

At first blush putting a pocket sandwich into the context of a love affair may seem like a stretch, however once you’ve experienced these delicious hot sandwiches you may very well be struck by Cupid’s arrow!  We know because we’ve experienced this strange phenomenon ourselves.  If you find yourself in one of the compromising situations below we are hear to tell you, ‘you are not alone’ and this romantic attachment is normal and is shared by all Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwich lovers.

1) Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwiches for the office:

You’ve just had your first Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwich and you are admittedly smitten with this perfect, hot, oh-so flavorful and oh-so convenient sandwich but you somewhat dismiss the fascination and move on with your day... until the following day.  You arrive at your office and all you can think about is which Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwich you are going to devour today.  You sneak away from your desk to rearrange the freezer so your precious and adored pocket sandwiches are tucked lovingly in the back of the freezer out of sight from any potential suitors.  An office love affair is born...

2) Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwiches for school:

It will be love at first sight when you, as a mother or father, wake up in the morning and start assembling your child’s lunch.  Normally this process is met with frustrations from the kids because they see you preparing that same ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which normally wouldn’t be such a big deal except it’s just not quite the same on gluten-free bread!), but this time they see something different.  You open the freezer and this beautiful glow emerges showcasing your new incredible find at the grocery store – Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwiches!  You choose one of four amazing flavors and find yourself smiling at how simple this solution was and how good you feel about giving your kids something made from all natural ingredients and proteins free from antibiotics and hormones.  And what’s even better – your kids are smiling and psyched for today’s lunch.  A school lunch love affair is born... 

3) Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwiches for the “No-Time-for-Lunch” person:

You’ve been there… sitting at your desk trying to meet a deadline and out of the corner of your eye you realize that lunch has passed you by but you can’t seem to break away.  Your stomach is growling and nagging you that it won’t be so easily ignored.  Your attention is starting to wane due to the lack of food, but your boss keeps walking by your office glancing your direction making sure that you are diligently working on the report he or she asked for.  No time to run to the deli, no time to grab a quick lunch... but if you are quick about it, you can run down the hall and within 1 minute cook a Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwich and be back at your desk without being noticed.  You take the chance, cook that delicious, hot ham and cheese sandwich, you race back to your desk unnoticed and sink your teeth into that cheesy, amazing goodness.  Instant gratification sets in and you are back on track for your day.  An everyday lunch affair is born…

4) Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwiches for after school:

The front door slams and all of a sudden that quiet sanctuary of a home is now quickly transformed into pandemonium.  Backpacks flung from one room to another, televisions magically bursting into life, playful testimonials about what happened at school are screamed from one end of the house to another and you think, despite the sudden interruption of your tranquility, that this is good…until those words are spoken “I’m hungry!  There is nothing to eat!”  Usually this would frustrate you (since you most likely just invested half your paycheck at the store and still there is nothing they want), however, this time you simply just smile and utter three simple words “Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwiches” and point to the freezer.  Within one minute your kids are instantly satisfied and the potential after school disaster is averted.  An after school love affair is born…